Can You Guess The Secret Sound?

Can You Guess The Secret Sound?

Can You Guess The Border's Secret Sound?

Is it a golf ball dropping on the ground? Is it tapping a microphone?

It could be anything!

We play Triple M's Secret Sound during breakfast with Lu & Matt and across your workday on The Border's 105.7 Triple M.

To win $1000 thanks to Harvey Norman, you just have to identify the Secret Sound correctly!

Congratulations to Helen who scored $1000 for identifying 'a magnetic dart hitting a dartboard'.

Our next sound's INCORRECT guesses so far:

1. Spring on a clipboard being released and hitting the board
2. A vacuum cleaner cord retracting 
3. Dropping a ping pong ball into a cup
4. Cracking knuckles
5. Stapling paperwork together
6. Computer notification when you get an email
7. Flicking a deck of cards
8. Holepuncher
9. Pulling and releasing the handle of squeegee mop
10. Stapler
11. Supermarket pricing gun
12. Car door unlocking
13. Pulling the cardboard open on a tissue box
14. Bike changing gears
15. Biting into an apple
16. Cracking your fingers
17. Paper clip snapping
18. Flicking a pack of cards
19. Flicking open a hand-held fan
20. A salt or pepper grinder
21. Hitting a rolled up newspaper on a desk
22. Crushing a beer or soft drink can
23. Pulling or ripping tape off the tape dispenser
24. Clicking your fingers
25. Opening a milk bottle
26. Opening or closing a folder's metal ring binder
27. Taking a rubber band off a rolled up newspaper
28. Hitting a squash ball
29. Clap of a castanet
30. Flicking the side around of a Rubik's Cube
31. Latch on a briefcase
32. Dropping the needle on the record player
33. Ipad or phone magnetic cover snapping closed
34. Hitting a tennis ball after it's bounced off the court
35. Tearing a piece of paper out of a spiral notepad
36. Removing a stapler with a staple remover
37. Cracking a nut with a nut cracker
38. Spring door stopper
39. Cutting paper with a guillotine
40. Taking a floppy disk out of a computer
41. Automatic hole punch
42. Opening a bottle of soft drink
43. Petrol cap opening
44. Tearing a piece of perforated cardboard
45. Clicking a pen
46. Using a pencil sharpener
47. Opening a can of beer
48. Clicking the nozzle onto a hose
49. Clicking a hand-held gas lighter
50. Pushing a spinning top spinner
51. Pulling plastic cover off envelope sticky bit
52. Throwing a dart at a dartboard
53. Taking a stay-sharp knife out of its holder
54. Cutting a sheet of cardboard with a sharp knife
55. Tape measure retracting back into case
56. Opening a preservative or pasta sauce bottle/jar
57. Child clacker toy
58. Putting the lid on a texta
59. Closing the lid on a tic-tac box
60. Flicking a magazine page quickly
61. Unlocking or locking a padlock with a key
62. Popping the locks on a briefcase
63. Doing up a strap on a backpack
64. Pushing a CD back into its case
65. Cricket ball counter
66. Opening a roll of cling wrap
67. Tearing a piece of paper off a notepad with a silicone edge
68. Snapping a carrot
69. Plugging in or unplugging a seat belt
70. Clipping a paper clip onto paper
71. Clicking new razor blades onto a razor
72. Spinning a prize wheel
73. Dial-up ventolin puffer
74. Pushing the key on a type-writer
75. Electric stapler
76. Game to get the ball into the hole
77. Pressing the centre bubble of Trouble boardgame
78. Tearing off a sheet of paper towel off the roll
79. Cracking an ice tray
80. Unlocking a security door from the inside
81. Automatic tennis ball machine shooting balls
82. Aerosol can ball bearings
83. Salt or pepper grinder
84. Pinball machine ball launcher, without the ball
85. Paper crimper
86. Race Bookie's board, spinning the dial for the odds
87. Stamping a self-inking stamp
88. Closing a 3 ring binder
89. Noise a printer makes
90. Lint remover 
91. Nail gun
92. Pop-lid jar opening
93. Pushing down the button on electric kettle
94. Dropping a box of matches
95. Cracking a glow-stick
96. Cricketer's foot sliding across the pitch
97. Drop of water or ink dropping onto blotting paper
98. Turning on a light switch
99. Breaking the seal on a Vegemite jar
100. Taking a photo on a camera
101. Iphone lock sound
102. Pressing button on lie-down cassette player
103. TV turning on after pressing the remote
104. Metal bull clip clipping into position
105. Sliding battery cover back onto remote
106. Ejecting a memory card
107. Breaking fettuccine into a pot of boiling water
108. Opening/unlocking the clasps on a briefcase
109. Rolling dice on boardgame
110. Dropping a token into Connect4 game
111. Putting a battery into a clock or toy
112. When card ejects from ATM
113. Pushing a bike stand down or flicking it up
114. Closing the door on the dishwasher
115. Remote car locking/unlocking
116. Crushing an egg shell
117. Plugging in headphone jack into a phone
118. Electric Stapler
119. Electric calculator
120. Popping bubble wrap
121. Putting whiteboard marker back in holder
122. Opening or closing flip-top water bottle
123. Opening pull-ring top on can of tuna
124. Changing batteries
125. Catch on the glovebox when closing
126. Whipper snipper cord
127. Typewriter key
128. Pushing press-stud together
129. Clipping nails with nail clippers
130. Changing the setting on a ceiling fan
131. Placing a key into a padlock
132. Scoring a goal on an air-hockey table
133. Ignition switch of gas appliance
134. Popping a pill out of a pill-blister
135. Squeezing down a padlock
136. Putting the key in the front door
137. Breaking the drumstick off a chicken
138. Pressing a key on a computer keyboard
139. Locking a combination lock
140. Hitting a pool ball with the cue stick
141. Closing the lid on a tube of handcream
142. Magnetic phone case snapping shut
143. Seat belt clicking in