Anthony Mundine Officially Retires Following Defeat To Jeff Horn

River City Rumble

Anthony Mundine Officially Retires Following Defeat To Jeff Horn AAP

Anthony Mundine has announced his retirement from boxing immediately after his defeat to Jeff Horn. 

"I've had a great career, Jeff proved tonight he is the better man," Mundine said during his post-match interview. 

"That's the next generation man, so i pass it on to them. 

"I was ready, prepared well but just got caught, that's boxing.

"I just want to be remembered for someone that's real, someone that speaks the truth.

"I take my hat off to Jeff and his team, god-willing they can bounce back against some of the big guys. 

Mundine was knocked out just over a minute into the first round by Horn by a stunning left hook.  



Despite the defeat Mundine was humble in defeat thanking the Australian public for joining him on his journey.  

"I just want to thank the Australian public, I've been doing this for 25-years now so you guys have played a big role in supporting me and getting behind me," he added. 

"Whether you liked me or didn't you were interested but my time is up and good luck to Jeff and I hope he can do good things." 

The fight was much easier than expected according to the victorious Horn. 

"It was much easier than I expected so it saves my brain," Horn said.

"I'm happy to get it over and done with quickly.

Horn is unsure what is next with options in a few different weight-classes. 

"I'll see what opportunities come, who knows."