Tough Anti-Drink Driving Laws Could See Motorists Banned

'Sending a strong message'

Tough Anti-Drink Driving Laws Could See Motorists Banned

There's a crack down on drink driving in New South Wales with new laws rolling out across the state.

Motorists caught with a blood alcohol reading of between 0.08 and 0.15 face disqualification for three months, with an interlock device fitted to their car for 12 months.

Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey told the Triple M Newsroom the Christmas period is a timely reminder to always have a Plan B to get home safely.

"It's been 38 years since the drink driving laws came into effect in New South Wales, and 84 per cent of people we've surveyed expect - and want us - to be firm on drink driving laws," she said.

"From midnight, if you're caught with a 0.08 level of alcohol in your body - a mid range level - you will have an automatic three month suspension of your licence, followed by a one year interlock device required to be on your car, which means you can't start your car if you have alcohol in your body."

Minister Pavey said the state government is also sending a very strong message to repeat offenders.

"If you are a repeat offender in the high range, police will be able to confiscate your car," she added.

"We don't good people affected by the bad behaviour of others. We're sending a strong message to drink drivers.

"Don't do it, or there will be strong penalties."

Last year, 55 people have lost their lives on NSW roads due to drink driving.