Esperance wins Australia's whitest beach!

Lucky Bay Cape le Grand

Esperance wins Australia's whitest beach!

It's something that Esperance already knew. Cape Le Grand National Park offers the most spectacular beach landscapes in Australia. That beautiful, piercing white sand that you can drive your car onto, perfect for a morning BBQ with eggs and a black coffee.

Now, Cape Le Grand is being recognized on a national scale,  filling both the number one and number two spots in the 'most whitest beach in Australia' category in a prominent tourism entity.

Previously Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay held the mantle but now, Lucky Bay and Hellfire Bay have wrestled the position and claim gold and silver.

What is more remarkable is that when Hyams Beach won the prize, it was soon acknowledged as the whitest beach in the world, as officially recognized by the Guinness World Book of Records.

So the question is, could these beaches as Esperance soon be featuring in the Guinness World Book of Records?  

Sean is on the case!

Here it first on the Breaky Show with Sean below!