Are These the Cowper Candidates?

Have you received the phone poll?

Are These the Cowper Candidates?

Will these names be on the ballot paper in 2019 for Cowper, or is it just speculation?

A number of Triple M listeners have told of being contacted by an electronic poll in the past week asking who they would vote for out of six names.

Patrick Conaghan, Sally Townley, Andrew Woodward, Peter Besseling and John Arkan were the options to choose from.

While it's no secret that Patrick Conaghan, Sally Townley or Andrew Woodward are running, and expected that Rob Oakeshott will be the late starter to confirm, the latest poll sparks interest as to whether John Arkan will run for Cowper again.

Triple M contacted the Coffs Harbour City Councillor on Tuesday morning, and while he responded, he did not actually answer the question to confirm whether or not he was going to contest the seat.